Wikipedia - National Data Repository

Quotation from their homepage:

“A National Data Repository is normally established by an entity that governs, controls and supports the exchange, capture, transference and distribution of E&P information, with the final target to provide the State with the tools and information to assure the growth, govern-ability, control, independence and sovereignty of the industry.

The two fundamental reasons for a country to establish an NDR are to preserve data generated inside the country by the industry, and to promote investments in the country by utilizing data to reduce the exploration, production, and transportation business risks.

Countries take different approaches towards preserving and promoting their natural resources data. The approach varies according to a country’s natural resources policies, level of openness, and its attitude towards foreign investment.”

Our Comment:

The page contains a table providing database status, data types, standards used and NDR’s websites. Information is sorted by countries names.

The Website: