Risked Eyesight

An overview of the module
Risked Eyesight

Through Monte Carlo simulations and triggered on multiple distributed parameters, the Risked Eyesight module handles risks managements at a glance. Deterministically, the result, meaning the risked quantity, corresponds to the multiplication of all added and selected parameters.
Main characteristics of the Risked Eyesight module are detailed below:

  • Number of parameters is not limited.
  • Possible distribution kinds are Uniform, Normal (i.e. Gaussian) and Log-normal.
  • Minimum number of simulations is 5,000. Maximum is 1,000,000.
  • Parameters could be temporally excluded from computation by unticking related checkbox in the Selection column.
  • Decision tree analysis is not part of the module.

Download user guide for a sharp insight.

Main frame of Risked Eyesight for parameter settings.

Results after Monte-Carlo simulations.