Meet the Founder

A Word from the Project Leader


Ludovic Peignard began his career as an exploration geophysicist, involved in several Oil & Gas projects, covering various domains of geosciences.

While getting experienced in geosciences, feeling a lack of flexible and swift software solution in the Oil & Gas Industry, Ludovic has developed EarthQuick, a software to act as a companion for Geoscientists. The solution evolved rapidly and let now geoscientists performed usual tasks which are part of their redundant duties, covering a wide range of facilities, from geosciences data loading and interpretation to volumes assessment, passing by mCSEM feasibility studies. From 2016, EarthQuick has also turned to Near Surface issues, keeping the same motto : letting user get straight to the point through simple and intuitive workflows.

From 2013, Ludovic has become a geophysicist consultant, a technical software expert and an associate professor in Geophysics at different reference institutions (IFP School, IFP Training, École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre (EOST), Polytech Sorbonne (UPMC) and École Nationale Supérieure de Géologie (ENSG)).

In 2021, Ludovic joined 45-8 Energy as a senior geophysicist to manage geophysical expertise and embedded systems business unit in the group.

Ludovic graduated M.Sc.'s from the EOST (France) in 2006 and from the IFP School in 2007, major Geophysics.